How depressed should you be to see a psychiatrist?

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How depressed should you be to see a psychiatrist?

Sometimes we are not sure that we are truly depressed. Or are we just bored with life? At what point do we have symptoms that tell us we should rely on a psychiatrist? Let’s look at recommendations from the Psychiatric Association of Thailand.

The patient thought for a long time and then replied, ‘That’s when I had this thought.’

“Actually, it is no different from any other physical disease. If a person feels that they have ‘Problems that cannot be handled by yourself’ are enough to consult a doctor. Then the doctor will evaluate and diagnose it himself. What caused the problem? Is it a symptom of any condition or disease? Just take yourself to the doctor.” ufabet

It also identifies the main problems that often lead people to see a psychiatrist, including: 

  • emotional changes
  • idea 
  • memory 
  • meditate  
  • eating and sleeping
  • Physical symptoms for which no cause can be found 
  • behavior, expression 
  • use of time

However, the situation is difficult and troubling. It can also be about counseling, such as studying, working, relationships, having a turning point in life, etc.

Many people understand that When there is a life situation that causes stress, such as losing a job, heartbreak, the death of a loved one, etc., it should be considered Insomnia, mental decline, being distracted, not being able to work, etc., are normal.

Part of this understanding is correct. The other part is that if those symptoms Heavy and continuous for a long time Until it affects life There is a high possibility that the person may be in a state of disorientation. or there is already a disease that has occurred 

Therefore, having an “understandable” cause of mental stress does not necessarily mean that the symptoms occur. No matter how severe it is, it is considered normal.

We will say that the symptoms that occur It is at a level that is considered a “disease” and should be treated.

Only when

  • Having those symptoms last longer than expected Or longer than most people do. And where we used to be
  • Symptoms are severe enough to affect your life. Which doctors often call “loss of function”