How to eat “carbohydrates” without getting fat?

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I think that many people will have the idea that If you want to lose weight. You must stop eating starch. or carbohydrates. But actually there are ways in which we can eat carbohydrates that will keep us from getting fat.

From information in the book “Miracle Anti-Aging Foods” by Ms. Salaya Kongsomboonwet,  carbohydrates are not just rice and flour. But it also includes all types of rice products that provide energy. Vegetables with a lot of starch (corn, taro, potatoes, pumpkin, millet), fruits, fruit juices, flavored milk, all types of sugar. and all the sweet desserts too

Eating foods that provide appropriate energy to control weight And to protect yourself from obesity, you must have techniques, especially eating carbohydrates. สมัคร ufabet

Eat carbs in moderation.

Even though eating foods that provide too many carbohydrate may accumulate as excess energy in the body, if we abstain or do not eat carbohydrate at all, It will have more negative effects on the body. Because the body needs to use carbohydrate as basic energy. In the case of eating too much Carbohydrate are converted into fat that accumulates around the belly. Therefore, if you want to reduce accumulated fat Adjusting the proportion of carbohydrate in meals appropriately It’s better than not eating rice. or flour absolutely Which is too extreme. But you should limit the amount of carbs in each meal.

Carbohydrates you should eat

In addition to reducing the amount of carbohydrate, What must be taken into account is the amount of consumption. You must choose good carbohydrates, including carbohydrates that have not undergone any processing. High in dietary fiber such as coarse rice, corn, millet, various beans, taro, potatoes, pumpkin, ginkgo seeds, noodles made from brown rice, etc.