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“Diabetes”: How to eat “carbohydrates” for good health?

In addition to exercise Getting enough sleep Using medicine and treatment as prescribed by the doctor Food is another important issue that helps diabetic patients control their diabetes better. And one type of Carbohydrates food that Hello doctor, I would like to recommend this to people with diabetes. And those who want to

How to eat “carbohydrates” without getting fat?

I think that many people will have the idea that If you want to lose weight. You must stop eating starch. or carbohydrates. But actually there are ways in which we can eat carbohydrates that will keep us from getting fat. From information in the book “Miracle Anti-Aging

How depressed should you be to see a psychiatrist?

Sometimes we are not sure that we are truly depressed. Or are we just bored with life? At what point do we have symptoms that tell us we should rely on a psychiatrist? Let’s look at recommendations from the Psychiatric Association of Thailand. The patient thought for