Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur: three hot topics

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Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur: three hot topics. After the game London Derby Premier League Divide the points fiercely. Draw the head of the season.

The game is boiling like a derby match.

If anyone who has watched only the first half may think. That the game is boring, Spurs seem unable to fight hit by Chelsea on one side. But did not know. That not watching the second half was a huge mistake. Because the fierceness of the game can call a tight crowd in the last 45 minutes. From the score that shot each other to the type of injury time in minutes.

In the end, Golden Spikes Chicken can still come back to share the points. Including the degree in the field. That has tact outside the game to many times. But the highlight is inevitable that the two consultants gradually started arguing with each other. Seduce each other And ending with almost dropping a boxing. After the end of the game. The kind that got both red cards chasing each other even though the game was over.

Spurs solved the second half well.

It’s call the first half and the second half of each movie. It doesn’t seem wrong for today’s game. Because, as said in the first half, Chelsea came above clearly in both the game and the score. But after half-time, Conte adjusted his move and focus more on attacking. Giving them a chance to win the goal early in the second half. Including the pursuit of pressure until the mistake of Chelsea turning into a goal. Moreover, the grunt in the end with a heart. That doesn’t give up until Harry Kane strikes to unlock the equalizer to 2-2, although the game is not superior. But the result has to said that Spurs really solved the game today.