Jurgen Klopp urges Luis Diaz to thrive on Sadio Mane’s replacement

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Jurgen Klopp urges Luis Diaz to thrive on Sadio Mane replacement.

Liverpool Football Club Manager Jurgen Klopp of the English Premier League Football. The interview prompted and express confidence. That Luis Diaz would become one of the Reds’ goal-killing machines, despite his not-so-impressive pre-season.

The Colombia international became a key figure for the Reds last season. After joining from Porto in the January 2022 transfer window for around £37.5 million. Leading the team to a trophy and paving the way. To the final of the UEFA Champions League last season.

Diaz has score six goals for the Red Machine since his debut in January. But Klopp still believes that the players This can also raise the standard of their own pace even better. If there is more decisiveness in the penalty area.

He has obviously improved as he understands our style of play better. But that brings us to a strange situation,” Klopp said in an interview ahead of Monday night’s match against Crystal Palace. “We want to more flexible with games at the edge. That means our games will play more inside. But then we realized that he did well. When he stood close to the line.”

“We had to get use it. But the learning process didn’t happen overnight. The next point is having his first full pre-season with us. I’m not sure if the use of the word ‘pain’ is correct. But we can feel it.”

“He will benefit from being involve in the full pre-season. Having not involve in the national team games earlier. Diaz start the first day by involve in every session. That was the most important thing. He has enough quality and potential. And if we can elevate him in pre-season. It will help him in the long run.”

“He only needs one goal and everything will follow after that.”